Letter to NLC Parents

July 21, 2015

Dear Parents of Navy League Cadet(s)

I am writing today to inform you of a significant change that is occurring within the Navy League Cadet Corps.

Lt (NL) McAlister has decided to leave the cadet corps in order to pursue other interests. The Lethbridge Branch would like to thank Tina for the hard work and dedication that she has given to the corps in the years she has been here. There will much activity over the summer in order to make this transition as seamless as possible. SLt (NL) Mason has been asked to take command of the corps.

With the departure of Lt (NL) McAlister the corps will be experiencing some growing pains as we fill our requirement to have an officer of each gender. We have an applicant that is awaiting the screening process to be completed, but in all honesty our corps needs more. We are required by NL regulation to have a minimum of 3 officers and 15 cadets. While we were able to get through this past year with fewer than those numbers, we will not be able to stay under the radar indefinitely.

To that end the Lethbridge Branch is undertaking some recruiting activities over the summer in an attempt to bolster the number of cadets and officers in both corps. This weekend we are at the Lethbridge International Air show, in August we will have recruiting tables at the westside farmer’s market as well as the exhibition pavilion farmer’s market on the 13th and 15th respectively, as well as we will be participating in the March of Dimes portion of the Whoop Up Days parade. If there are any community gatherings that you are aware of and think may benefit us to be at, please let me know. We need all hands pulling together to get this done.

I know that some of you have expressed an interest in attending the Air show in order to help. I am working with A/SLt(N) Neufeld to hammer down what staffing we need, and either he or I will be in touch.

Another addition to our efforts to become better known in the community has been the launch of www.navyleaguelethbridge.com as a tool for recruiting and eventually a source of information for all parents. As well we have implemented a call attendant on our telephone. By calling 403-327-5547 and making the appropriate selection you can talk with someone most of the time or at least leave a voicemail that will be answered much more quickly than having a machine at the ship.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, concerns or ideas. Email is probably the best if not the absolute quickest means of communication. You can write me at either kent.masson@live.com or president_nloclethbridge@shaw.ca .

Thank you all for your support. We are charting a new course in 2015-16.

Yours aye

Kent Masson
NLOC Lethbridge Branch