2019 ACR

Sea Cadet Training Year Wraps up with Demos and Awards

On Saturday June 1st 2019 the 34 Chinook Sea Cadets will wrap up their training year with their Annual Ceremonial Review.  At this event the cadets will demonstrate some of the skills that they have learned.  As well, high achieving cadets will be recognized for their efforts.

34 Chinook Sea Cadets on parade for their 2018 Annual Ceremonial Review.

A large part of this event includes the inspection of the Corps by the Reviewing Officer.  This year’s Reviewing Officer will be the Honourable Rachel Harder, MP for Lethbridge. Ms. Harder was elected in 2015 and serves as the first female Member of Parliament for the riding of Lethbridge.  She has a long career of service, beginning at the age of 9 when she began a business venture raising puppies which was so successful that it funded much of her post-secondary education. Recently named one of Lethbridge’s “Top 40 under 40”, Ms. Harder continues to put people first, attending more than 150 community events every year and putting a human face to government policies when she speaks for Lethbridge in the House of Commons.  Ms. Harder will inspect the cadets as part of this ceremony and have the chance to learn more about the role that the Cadet Program plays in our community.
The Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps 34 “Chinook” was started in 1942. As a part of the Canadian Cadet program, the Corps’ goals are to motivate cadets to improve their physical fitness; to work hard at their academic studies; and to give back to their communities through volunteerism and citizenship activities.

In particular the Sea Cadet program focuses on experiences relating to sailing, offering cadets the chance to learn sailing through weekend activities through-out the year as well as summer camps focusing on a variety of skills such as sailing, seamanship, and shipwright’s skills. Sea Cadets also learn leadership, marksmanship, and musicianship as part of their training. The cadet program aims to give youth ages 12 to 18 confidence and boost their self-esteem through a structured and dynamic program of activities that is entirely free of charge.

Youth looking for ways to build their resumes and find a new group of friends often find their way to cadets. Cadets value the program and those like Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class Mitchell McCormick are the first to talk about what cadets has done for them. In his words, “Cadets has changed me from a lazy, stubborn little kid who would always complain and would never do anything for anyone, to a grown young man who is mature, responsible, and outgoing. I am very grateful to the Cadet program.”

Some cadets enjoy the program so much that they go on to enrol with the Canadian Armed Forces. Many others build on their skills with post-secondary education, which is often supported by scholarships and bursaries available through cadets. Wherever they end up, every cadet will acknowledge that the cadet program has a lot of offer.

This year’s Annual Ceremonial Review will begin at 2pm on Saturday June 1st at the Vimy Ridge Amoury and will be attended by family and friends of the cadets, as well as local dignitaries. Members of the public and those who are interested in learning more about Sea Cadets are also welcome to attend.

More information on these programs can be found at www.navyleaguelethbridge.com or on facebook @LethbridgeSeaCadets.


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