Open House 2019

34 Chinook Sea Cadets invites everyone to come to their 2019 Open House, 1815-2115 (6:15pm-9:15pm) on October 21st.

Are you (or your youth) wondering what cadets is like? Are you looking to keep your youth busy, but all the programs have already started? Maybe making friends at school isn’t going so well, so you’re hoping for another group of kids to be friends with, or act as mentors. Cadets can offer all of those things, plus more.

Lots of kids struggle to make friends at school, or feel that they don’t fit in. Cadets offers another friend group, with senior cadets who are trained to be mentors, and an emphasis on supporting each other, and working as a team. Cadets are taught to build on their strengths, and help each other to overcome their weaknesses.

Sea cadets offers activities including sailing, marksmanship, knot-tying, musicianship, and leadership, as well as emphasizing what it means to be a good citizen and member of today’s society. But don’t take it from me — come and see for yourself at our Open House on Monday October 21st, 6:15pm at the Vimy Ridge Armoury in Lethbridge, Alberta. Feel free to contact our Communications Officer for more information: and don’t forget to check out our facebook page!