We are committed to providing wonderful new opportunities to the youth ( ages 9-19) of Lethbridge and area. Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps “Chinook” provides many seamanship and athletic challenges for those aged 12-19, while Navy League Cadet Corps “Lethbridge” encourages 9-12 year old to flourish as citizens of Canada through naval based training. 

The Lethbridge branch and corps are in a unique position within the Navy League of Canada Alberta Division, in that we are fortunate enough to have our very own “ship” that we have access to whenever the need arises. Most corps have to either rent space or are dependent upon the availability of space at DND reserve unit. We are able to have this freedom due to our fundraising efforts, as well as donations from the community. Please consider donating to help us maintain the high standard of excellence that we enjoy. Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $25 or greater.

The Navy League program is run completely through fundraising and by volunteers. We strive to keep from having to pass costs of activities on to our cadet families. We need the help of the community in fundraising but also to deliver the programs to the cadets. The corps need people to fill many positions, from instructing classes to making sure the cadets’ uniforms are always shipshape. Our volunteers are our backbone. Please consider helping out. Check out this brochure on volunteering with the cadets. If you are interested please talk to one of the Commanding Officers (for Navy League Cadets or for Sea Cadets). It’s a great way to spend some time with kids (possibly your own!) and act as a role model and mentor for today’s youth.

Our major fundraiser is our bingos. We run 10 bingo events a year. They are in the evening of the 2nd Sunday of the month, and we need 15 volunteers to make it work. ALL of the monies raised go toward events, uniforms, and facilities for the two cadet programs! We hope that every parent will find a way to contribute a small amount of time to support their cadet.