Lethbridge Navy League Cadet Corps

Lethbridge Navy League Cadet Corps

The Lethbridge Navy League Cadet Corps meets (parades) on Thursday nights from 6:30pm until 8:30pm at the Ship, 1708 10th Ave S. Please come to a parade night to find out more and see what it is all about!

Run entirely by the Navy League of Canada, the Navy League Cadet program is aimed at youth aged 9-12.

Navy League Cadet Corps LETHBRIDGE was formed in 1955, and since then has provided a unique cadet experience where you get to do a lot of fun, interesting activities, in an environment that emphasizes teamwork. The Navy League Cadet Program is a great place to make friends and do things you wouldn’t get to do anywhere else.

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Cadet training occurs in a highly structured environment that fosters the development of self-discipline, organization, leadership and teamwork
Navy League Cadets may have the opportunity to:

  • learn about boating and water safety
  • go camping
  • go swimming
  • participate in parades and community events
  • play sports
  • learn knot tying, communications and other seamanship skills
  • go on citizenship tours and other trips
  • make lots of friends

      remembrance day 1remembrance day 1

      NLCC LETHBRIDGE parades Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 at Lethbridge Navy League Headquarters, known as “The Ship” located at 1708 – 10 Avenue South.

      There is no fee to join NLCC LETHBRIDGE, but there may be some charges for larger activities (ex. Fleet days, spring camp). Cadets and parents are expected to participate in fundraising activities. Fundraising helps develop responsibility, community spirit and work ethic. It also ensures that every child can participate, regardless of their family’s financial situation.

      There is no association between Navy League Cadets and the military.

      For more information please view this brochure: 2015-NLCC LETHBRIDGE Brochure or email the Commanding Officer:  co.nlcclethbridge@gmail.com

      The ship's company at Annual Inspection 2015
      The ship’s company at Annual Inspection 2015


      Is this a military program? No. Our cadet program uses a Naval theme as a platform to develop patriotism, good citizenship, a sense of duty, self-discipline and respect for others. There is no association between Navy League Cadets and the military and the Navy League Cadet Program receives no government funding. Funding is provided through the hard work of our dedicated volunteers and the generous support of our community.

      Who can be a member? Any child that is between 9 and 12, and a Canadian Citizen or landed immigrant, is eligible to participate. The Navy League of Canada is committed to providing a learning and working environment for all persons that is free from harassment. The Navy League of Canada requires employees, officers, cadets, parents, volunteers and all other visitors to conduct themselves in a manner, which promotes and protects the best interests and well being of cadets, staff and volunteers. Allowances are made to respect cultural dress, and youth with disabilities are considered on a case by case basis.

      How do I register my child? Registration is on going through out the training year, however; the corps activities usually start to slow down as we approach the end of the training year in June. We encourage you as a parent to bring your child to a regular training night and observe. Once you decide to register there are the customary forms to be filled out. We will need your child’s Alberta Health Care number as part of the registration.

      Is there a fee to join? No, currently the Lethbridge branch does not charge a registration fee, but there may be fees associated with some of our activities. Events such as the Spring Camp and Fleet days are generally held in other areas of the province, which adds transportation costs into our budget. We have been lucky over the past several years and have been able to provide these experiences to the cadets without passing the costs along to the parents, but we cannot guarantee this will always be the case.

      Do we buy the uniform? No, your cadet’s uniform is supplied without cost as well. All we ask is that it is well maintained and returned in whole when your time with us is over.

      What is expected of me as a parent? We expect that you will have your cadet on board on time and that you will come into the building to pick him or her up at the end of the training night. We ask that you come on board for 2 reasons: firstly, we need to ensure that the cadet has been picked up and is safe; secondly, this gives the officers the opportunity to inform you of any upcoming events or activities, or news in general.
      The programme runs on the support of the community, and that includes fundraising. Your cadet will be required to participate in fundraising activities that cadets can be involved in, and that also means they may need your support. We also run separate fundraisers that cadets are not able to participate in, and that is where we need your help as well. We hold 10 bingo events a year and need between 14 and 18 volunteers for each. We also have a casino about every 3 years. Overall if everyone helps out we only need 20-25 hours of your time a year.