Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps “Chinook”

Lethbridge Sea Cadet Corps “Chinook”

The Lethbridge Sea Cadet Corps (34 Chinook RCSCC) meets (parades) on Monday nights from 6:15pm to 9:15pm at the Armoury, 337 Stubb Ross Rd (by the airport). Please come out to a parade night to find out more. 

UPDATE: Our 2020 registration night will take place on Monday Oct 5 from 6:30-8pm at the Ship, 1708 10th Ave S.  COVID restrictions are in effect.  Some of the paperwork can be completed ahead of time at

We are still waiting permission to begin in-person training.  If permissions are granted our first parade night for fall 2020 will take place on Monday Oct 19 at the Armoury.

The Royal Canadian Sea Cadets is a program aimed at youth 12 to 18. This is an exciting program that provides opportunities and challenges relevant for today’s youth, including training in leadership, awareness of citizenship and what this means, and building various skills. Formed in 1942, the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps (RCSCC) “Chinook” has provided adventure and challenges to our youth for more than 75 years while preparing them to become the leaders of tomorrow.  The program is run in partnership between the Navy League of Canada and the Department of National Defence.

Young people who join RCSCC Chinook and participate in the Sea Cadet program will build a new network of friends from across Canada while developing their leadership skills and learning good citizenship, teamwork dynamics and physical fitness through skills relating to seamanship such as tying knots to sailing through the waves, to navigation, powerboat operation, lookout duties, small boat sailing, marksmanship, drill and adventure training.  As well, the program offers marksmanship, biathlon, and band options.

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RCSCC Chinook parades Monday evenings from 6:15pm to 9:15pm (1815hrs to 2115hrs) at Vimy Ridge Armouries 337 Stubb Ross Road. Please email the Commanding Officer for more information: or review this brochure: 2015-RCSCC CHINOOK Brochure.

There is no cost to join RCSCC Chinook. Uniforms and all training materials are provided free of charge, as is transportation to training activities. However, cadets and parents/guardians are expected to participate in fundraising activities to raise funds used to provide facilities and services not provided by Department of National Defence, such as extra recreational and social activities (trips, dances, movie nights and more).

While the program introduces cadets to what the Navy is all about, Cadets are not members of the Canadian Forces and are free to leave the program at any time


How do I join Sea Cadets?
In order to join Sea Cadets, you have to be a Canadian citizen or lawful resident of Canada between the ages of 12 and 18. Youth between 9 and 13 should check out our Navy League Cadet program. If you are simply young at heart (18+), then you should get involved in the many exciting and rewarding volunteer opportunities we have for adults. In any case, your first step is to visit RCSCC Chinook on a parade night and talk to the Commanding Officer.

How do I officially sign up?
Once you have made contact with your local cadet corps, you will be asked to fill out an Application for Membership and an Authorization for Collection of Personal Information. You will also be asked to provide proof of age, and provincial heath coverage. Forms and the Parent Handbook can be found here.

How much does it cost?
There is no cost for membership in the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps. Uniforms and training materials are provided. As a cadet, you and your parent/guardian will be expected to participate in fundraising activities. The funds raised are used to provide facilities and services not provided by the Government of Canada, including extra recreational and social activities (trips, extra training such as scuba, and other additions to the program).

How long do I have to commit to?
There is no obligation when you join Sea Cadets. You are free to leave the program at any time, and there is no expectation or commitment that you will join the Canadian Forces. If the program isn’t for you, simply return your uniform and other items that belong to the corps.

Are there a lot of rules?
One of the most important and unique aspects of the Sea Cadet program is the naval environment. It is about more than learning to call a ‘wall’ a ‘bulkhead’ or the ‘floor’ a ‘deck’. It is a highly structured environment and yes, there are a lot of rules – rules about how you have to behave and treat other people, rules about how you treat your surrounding environment and even rules about how you can dress or cut your hair. This helps us to understand each other and set an environment of respect.

What do we do at cadets?
On Monday nights you do a combination of lessons and preparation for events. Events include weekend trips to go sailing; survival weekends; and participation in Remembrance Day and other commemorative events. You’ll learn what it means to be a citizen and why we follow some of the traditions that we do, and you’ll learn skills related to sailing, boating, and marksmanship. Some weeks there is an additional sports night, as being fit is an important part of cadets, and we like to have fun while we stay fit. You can also choose to participate in the band, the drill team, the marksmanship team, or the biathlon team — we try to offer lots of choices to our cadets! No experience is needed for any of these; we provide all of the equipment and training.

This sounds scary!
Don’t be scared – it doesn’t take long to fit in with our program and once you ‘learn the ropes’ it is easy to excel. The rules will even start to make sense! The rules we have about a Harassment-Free program allow us to cultivate a sense of teamwork and belonging. The rules about personal appearance and conduct develop self-discipline and leadership. The rules about our community and our environment cultivate civic responsibility and empower you to make changes. In short, these rules will help you develop the tools you need to be more successful in life. You will quickly learn that we have lots of fun even when there are rules!

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